Fast moving consumer goods

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Marketing Solutions to: increase frequency of purchase, basket spend and brand exposure, as well as secure gondola end and excite key accounts.

Case study

Our challenge:  a high-end restaurant chain and food manufacturer contacted Lock-in Marketing to develop a social media campaign that would link their Asian noodle cups with their target market and create brand awareness.

Key to the campaign was to raise brand awareness, as well as excite key accounts and gain a more prominent shelf position in supermarkets..  

The Solution


We developed a campaign offering a prize of a  free trip to Japan, engaging with Visit Japan to enable customers to take the trip during the famous Cherry Blossom festival.  To enter, customers entered a photo of themselves enjoying the product to their Instagram account.  .

The Result

Our client saw a 20% increase in engagement on their social media channels and achieved additional and prominent (gondola end) positioning within key supermarkets.