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Marketing Solutions to increase sales, retention, brand advocates ( via owner call centre rewards), cross selling and Net Promoter Scores.

Case Study

The challenge: a household name insurer approached Lock-in Marketing looking for help with customer engagement and retention, as well as assistance with up-selling add-on products.

The Solution

Surprise & Delight

We developed an online reward platform with free headline offers as well as a range of exclusive offers for automotive and leisure customers.

30 days after taking out their policy, customers received a surprise and delight offer (free car wash or box of chocolates)

The Result

A net promotor score (NPS) increase of nine points, which is unprecedented!

Policyholders engaged in the reward programme are 18% more likely to renew their policy with the client than those who are not.

Retention up from a decrease in consumers using aggregators in year 2.