Nine bars give UK consumers more of a feel-good factor.

Healthy snack brand, Nine, has teamed up with Lock-in Marketing to deliver a dose of feel-good to UK consumers. Nine bar multi-packs from leading retailers now feature an exclusive 60-day membership to the UK’s foremost pampering and feel-good provider Fabyouless.

Richard Gibbs, Lock-in Marketing MD, said: “Nine is a leader and innovator in the healthy snack bar market. With seeds at the heart of the bars, every consumer is helping seed a healthier lifestyle. The benefits of Fabyouless’ spa, beauty and health treatments are the perfect complement to Nine’s wholesome products. Together they deliver a feel-good factor, inside and out for Nine bar’s customers, and help both brands increase their brand exposure and positioning in a burgeoning market increasingly attracted by well-being and health products.”

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Richard Gibbs